As well as making the farm more accessible to everyone our Social Farm Book club subscriptions help us to bring in vital funds for our social farm.  If you choose to join us you help keep our social dream going.  We have written a series of Social Farm Stories with you and the young person or adult you care for foremost in our minds. Our books may be used as a complete book or as a starting point for you or your loved one to create your own book (please contact us if you would like us to personalise one of our books).  Behind The Stable Door Social Farm supports those with a social need on our farm and they are heavily involved in the making of these books, so a massive thanks to them for their valuable input. We hope you enjoy sharing our books.  We also plan to develop our books to become more educational and we welcome feedback and ideas. We have tried to start a community but you will make it happen with your support. Thanks for stopping by and we really hope you will soon be joining us on our social farm adventures!