Our Clubs

Three fantastic clubs to chose from - Join today and start your new farm adventure here..............

Foal Club

Coming soon!

Our mare, named Coreczka, is having her first foal! Coreczka, known at home as Corky, has won seven races throughout her career. She will shortly be live on our cameras! We will be bringing you foal content where you will be able to watch her and her foal live every day when they are in their stable together as they learn to bond and grow! As per our other clubs if you sign up to foal club you are also helping us raise vital funds to run our social farm!

Setup Fee: £1.00
Duration: 3 months
Price: £1.00
Farm Club

 Join us now on our Chick Flick adventures! 

More cute animals coming soon!

Duration: 1 day
Price: Free
Race Club

Thanks for considering joining our Race Club and helping to support our social farm.  We really look forward to having you on board for all our Racing fun!

Duration: 18 months
Price: £49.00