Our recycled animal bedding is made from recycled egg cartons that come straight to us from a local egg carton factory.  These egg cartons have a default in the manufacturing process, because of this they aren't suitable for the end supplier.  We shred these egg cartons on our farm and bag them to make great animal bedding.  Our social need participants do this and it creates employment for them and a fantastic, absorbent, warm animal bedding for your beloved pets.  We made a short video on how we do this:


However, despite Recycled egg carton animal bedding being made in England our Northern Ireland Environment agency is currently stopping us from making this animal bedding here in NI.  We are fighting this as we really want to make this socially made recycled animal bedding here in NI! Hence our "Cash for Trash" campaign.  Please hit the sign up button below to learn more about our "Cash for Trash" campaign and our animal bedding:

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