Thank-you for visiting us today to find out what happens Behind The Stable Door!

Here on our family farm we want to include others more with our farm activities, we work mainly (but not exclusively) with people who have an identified social need. We would love to share our farm experiences with you, but more importantly we hope you will get involved as well!

"Our work Behind The Stable Door

                                                Has social involvement at its core."   


What happens at our Social Farm?

Since we started Behind The Stable Door we did not like to exclude anybody from attending our farm, for the majority our particpants attend on a referral basis. The reason for this is to make sure they get the best out of their sessions with us and they are supported according to their needs.  

Want to learn more about how else we support people?

Our new shredded animal bedding made out of waste egg cartons is a very exciting addition to our Behind The Stable Door family as any sales of our bedding allows more people to access the farm.  This bedding is made exclusively on the farm by our social farmers ! Find out more about how this bedding is made click on the link below! Alternatively if you want to purchase some bedding we have further links below to take you to our online order page, and thanks on behalf of everyone for choosing to support our social enterprise with your purchase.

"Waste will no longer be the case when we choose to embrace it in another place."                                                                                                           

"When you sign up to one of our clubs it helps to raise vital funds for our social farm activities. Thank-you."
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Thank-you for considering donating to our social farm! If you feel that we have been of support to you and would like to donate something, even a small amount we are very grateful. Please remember we are a non-profit and monies will be reinvested into our support programmes. Thank-you!

What our farm participants are saying:

The best thing about the farm is caring for the animals, especially the horses and bottle feeding the lambs who are SO cute! I take the horses in and out of the stables. Clare teaches me new skills and lets me do things by myself. I like feeling responsible and more confident. The horses make me feel calm and happy when I stroke them and talk to them. I always have a fun happy time at the farm and can’t wait to go back. Judy read more
I am amazed at how much Judy has grown in confidence since being at the farm. Helping Clare and Andy with the animals has given Judy a real sense of purpose and after each session she comes home happy and chattier. She loves to impress us with her knowledge of farm life and new skills she’s learned. Judy enjoys the routine of working hard – broken up by a well-earned tea break, chat and bun! Judy’s confidence has made her feel better about herself and she says when she strokes and grooms the horses, she feels less anxious and much more calm. Judy has a great relationship with Clare and Andy who have welcomed her into the StableDoor family. Judy looks forward to visiting the farm each week where she can feel happy just to be herself. Bridget (Judy’s mum)
‘The visit to the farm was an amazing experience for me and all of the young people in our group. I never thought I could work with the sheep and also to learn about looking after horses. It will stay in my memories of the programme.’ 20 year old young man