Behind The Stable Door Social Farm Enterprise 

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What happens at our Social Farm?

Behind The Stable Door social farm enterprise was set up to tackle exclusion.

In our activities we also aim to tackle:

  • Isolation
  • Lack of farm based work opportunities 
  • Climate change 

Our participants who may attend the farm with a wide variety of social needs take positive steps towards:

Here’s a link to a great Youtube video of some of our work in action:


Why We Started a Social Farm

We set up Behind The Stable Door because we want our social needs participants to have meaningful employment and create opportunities for them going forwards. It’s in our DNA, grandfather Fred set up the Industrial Therapy Organisation in the 1960’s to help people with a social need gain employable skills and that small start turned into Action Mental Health, a charity that is still going strong today.
Behind The Stable Doors’ Range of Support for communities:

Currently we support anyone aged 18 plus to access our farm through daycare services. This is done through referral system in conjunction with Rural Support and The South Eastern Health Care Trust. Once approved a person will have a placement on the farm for the long term and the placement will not end unless circumstances change. This is so we can offer longer term, stable support that does not come to an end after a short period of time.

We also support under 18’s through different means, please get in touch if you have someone under 18 who wants to attend.

Also on the farm we have a fully licensed recycling centre (see details below) and have opened this up to community visits to learn what we can all do for our environment at community level. We have community get together days, such as Yarn on the Farm storytelling which is a popular way of socialising and sharing our anxieties. The farm is always open to innovation and suggestions to how we may best serve our community. Please get in touch if you have a specific requirement to see if we can assist.

The Behind The Stable Door Commitment to our Environment


We have a new Fully Licensed recycling centre opened July 2022!

Here we recycle waste cardboard from an NI factory into fantastic animal bedding called Ecoshred Bed. Our social farm participants are involved in the making of the animal bedding so it is 100% recycled, and 100% socially made. Watch the video below and it will show you the process of how this all comes together:

Watch us making Ecoshred Bed Here



What Our Farm Participants Are Saying…

The best thing about the farm is caring for the animals, especially the horses and bottle feeding the lambs who are SO cute! I take the horses in and out of the stables. Clare teaches me new skills and lets me do things by myself. I like feeling responsible and more confident. The horses make me feel calm and happy when I stroke them and talk to them. I always have a fun happy time at the farm and can’t wait to go back. Judy

Judy – Social Farm Participant

I am amazed at how much Judy has grown in confidence since being at the farm. Helping Clare and Andy with the animals has given Judy a real sense of purpose and after each session she comes home happy and chattier. She loves to impress us with her knowledge of farm life and new skills she’s learned. Judy enjoys the routine of working hard – broken up by a well-earned tea break, chat and bun! Judy’s confidence has made her feel better about herself and she says when she strokes and grooms the horses, she feels less anxious and much more calm. Judy has a great relationship with Clare and Andy who have welcomed her into the StableDoor family. Judy looks forward to visiting the farm each week where she can feel happy just to be herself. Bridget (Judy’s mum)

Judy’s Mum – Social Farm Participant

‘The visit to the farm was an amazing experience for me and all of the young people in our group. I never thought I could work with the sheep and also to learn about looking after horses. It will stay in my memories of the programme.’ 20 year old young man

Paul – Aiming Higher Program Participant