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What happens at our Social Farm?

We don’t like exclusion Behind The Stable Door.

In our activities we aim to tackle:

  • Exclusion 
  • Isolation
  • Lack of farm based work opportunities 
  • Climate change 

Our participants who may attend the farm with a wide variety of social needs take positive steps towards:


Here’s a great video of some of our work in action:

Why We Set Up Behind The Stable Door

We set up Behind The Stable Door because we want our social needs participants to have meaningful employment and create opportunities for them going forwards. It’s in our DNA, grandfather Fred set up the Industrial Therapy Organisation in the 1960’s to help people with a social need gain employable skills and that small start turned into Action Mental Health, a charity that is still going strong today.

What happens at our social farm

The Behind The Stable Door Commitment to our Environment

See the water cascading down the fall,
Surrounded in luscious green trees standing tall,
Home to beautiful birds with their distinctive call,
A natural harmony amongst them all.
See the eagle soaring above the mountain,
And the leopard drinking water from a fountain,
The penguins leaping off the ice 
Into a crystal sea of paradise.
See the mighty whales blow water from their spout,
And admire the dolphins diving in and out
Until one day the water stopped coming down the fall,
And the tall green trees began to fall,
And the birds with their distinctive call 
Went from harmony to no home at all. 
The fountain dried up in a drought,
And the leopards found themselves without
Water to sustain their existence 
Even when they covered a vast distance,
Getting weaker by the days
Exposed to the heat of the suns rays.
The heat also made the ice melt away,
The penguins where left with no safe place to stay.
The dolphins could not thrive in this heat,
and their playful calls turned to cries of defeat.
There’s no sight of the whales spurting water from their spout, 
the heat took their food source and they are no longer about.
In our lifetime we are blessed,
To have seen our wildlife at it’s best,
Now there’s a high probability 
They are heading into our history.
Because we took the Life from the trees,
And we heated the up the seas.
A chance to turn it around will lie
In the actions of you and I,
On how we do this nobody agrees,
But a start is better than more casualties.
In order to not leave our planet on its knees 
we need to lower the temperature a few degrees.
So let us get together and have a think,
about what we can do to bring them back from the brink.
How to save the remaining tall trees
That house the birds with their harmonies,
To Drop the temperature of the seas
And keep the ice in a state of freeze.
And the dolphins around with their joyful call,
With the whales and penguins swimming amongst them all.
A change from us is what it will take, 
So we must all learn to forsake 
Some harmful activities in which we partake.
They don’t have the time for us to wait,  
So let’s do this together before it’s too late.

Written by Clare Cannon

Co founder and director of Behind The Stable Door

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What Our Farm Participants Are Saying…

The best thing about the farm is caring for the animals, especially the horses and bottle feeding the lambs who are SO cute! I take the horses in and out of the stables. Clare teaches me new skills and lets me do things by myself. I like feeling responsible and more confident. The horses make me feel calm and happy when I stroke them and talk to them. I always have a fun happy time at the farm and can’t wait to go back. Judy

Judy – Social Farm Participant

I am amazed at how much Judy has grown in confidence since being at the farm. Helping Clare and Andy with the animals has given Judy a real sense of purpose and after each session she comes home happy and chattier. She loves to impress us with her knowledge of farm life and new skills she’s learned. Judy enjoys the routine of working hard – broken up by a well-earned tea break, chat and bun! Judy’s confidence has made her feel better about herself and she says when she strokes and grooms the horses, she feels less anxious and much more calm. Judy has a great relationship with Clare and Andy who have welcomed her into the StableDoor family. Judy looks forward to visiting the farm each week where she can feel happy just to be herself. Bridget (Judy’s mum)

Judy’s Mum – Social Farm Participant

‘The visit to the farm was an amazing experience for me and all of the young people in our group. I never thought I could work with the sheep and also to learn about looking after horses. It will stay in my memories of the programme.’ 20 year old young man

Paul – Aiming Higher Program Participant