Our team is made up of people who contribute to our work.  We can share a few with you here but if anyone wants to know anymore about the people you are supporting when you support us, just ask! Or watch our video to see them in action here – https://youtu.be/ggHgYzJjvmc

Judy wood


Judy loves art and is exceptionally talented.  She has artwork all across the farm, brightening our days.  She also loves all the animals and caring for them and is super excited about learning new skills and meeting new people that come into her life through the involvement in the farm.

chris hannant

Chris loves his coffee which requires a donation page of it’s own! Chris is bright and chatty and likes to tell everyone that working here is “rubbish” (but the coffee is good)! Chris also loves is basketball outside of the “rubbish” farm work and has been involved in the special olympics.

andy spiller

Director, Co-Founder. Serious Dogs Body!
So hard to describe everything that Andy does so I wrote him his own poem to give you some idea:

Everybody meet Andy
And here is how he’s very handy,
When all on the farm goes Askew,
There’s a thousand things he has to do.

Mend, bend, extend and amend
He’s constantly driven around the bend
For every job that he’s had to suspend
To help me catch a furry friend 
He’s had to drill ten thousand holes 
Pens for lambs, chicks, rabbits and new born foals 
When others would make a flimsy pen 
He built a palace called Buckinghen

All that just happens in between 
Mending another broken down machine
Oil, grease, bolts and then 10,000 volts 
Needed for a fence to keep in the colts 
He would never have an off day
And his nerves would never fray
At the amount of disarray 

When he’s on a well earned rest
His patience I will put to the test 
To inform of something else to make
Needed immediately for goodness sake!
For peace to remain I don’t do it myself 
For his is always a superior shelf
I’ll just leave the DIY to himself 
As I find its much better for my health 


clare cannon

Director, Editor / Co-founder
Responsible for keeping them all working hard whilst working hard on ways of keeping them all in work. Author and sustainability creator and person who needs to do all the begging for support.