Director, Co-Founder. Serious Dogs Body!
So hard to describe everything that Andy does so I wrote him his own poem to give you some idea:

Everybody meet Andy
And here is how he’s very handy,
When all on the farm goes Askew,
There’s a thousand things he has to do.

Mend, bend, extend and amend
He’s constantly driven around the bend
For every job that he’s had to suspend
To help me catch a furry friend 
He’s had to drill ten thousand holes 
Pens for lambs, chicks, rabbits and new born foals 
When others would make a flimsy pen 
He built a palace called Buckinghen

All that just happens in between 
Mending another broken down machine
Oil, grease, bolts and then 10,000 volts 
Needed for a fence to keep in the colts 
He would never have an off day
And his nerves would never fray
At the amount of disarray 

When he’s on a well earned rest
His patience I will put to the test 
To inform of something else to make
Needed immediately for goodness sake!
For peace to remain I don’t do it myself 
For his is always a superior shelf
I’ll just leave the DIY to himself 
As I find its much better for my health