Ecoshred Bed Recycled Cardboard Small Animal Bedding 1 KG – 18 KG

  • Made from egg cartons straight from the factory, uncontaminated egg cartons, that have been heat treated to 200oC
  • Shredded to 10mm and dust extracted
  • Packaged accordingly to customer requirements
  • Coloured material, colours will vary
  • Fully tested and licenced
  • Follow the journey below ?


Ecoshred Bed is an award winning animal bedding made from Grade A packaging cardboard waste, the only grade that should be used for animal bedding in accordance with the Environment agency. It is clean, heat treated and has only been discarded for labelling or colour defaults and has undergone multiple testing and is fully licensed for assured quality safety for your Pets.

We have made Ecoshred Bed as absorbent as possible to save you time cleaning out your pets and keep money in your pockets by making it last longer. Keep your pet fresh and environment fresher, tested on the messiest of pets! See cleaning instructions below.

  • Made from egg cartons straight from the factory, uncontaminated egg cartons, that have been heat treated to 200oF
  • Shredded from 10mm to 15mm and double dust extracted for respiratory health
  • Packaged accordingly to customer requirements in Biodegradation packaging
  • Coloured material, colours will vary
  • Fully tested and licensed recycled Facility
  • High absorbency due to the nature of the egg cartons, that are designed for soakage making your bed last longer and odour control is superior
  • Great fun colours
  • Easy to muck out and remove less
  • Biodegradable, small shred and soiling gives cardboard ideal conditions to break down fast
  • Less thrown away
  • Makes great, warm mulch as a secondary use after animal bedding
  • Can be disposed of in your brown bin for excellent compost
  • Choosing Ecoshred has huge environmental benefits:
  • Saving reusable material from being added to landfill
  • Saving reusable material traveling as far as China to be disposed of
  • 100% recycled material, less trees harvested
  • More biodegradable than other bedding
  • Makes great compost
  • Colour will vary!

Choosing Ecoshred has huge social benefits:
  • Our bedding is made by people with an identified social need
  • It creates inclusion in the workplace and a space for others to have meaningful employment and educational opportunities
  • See the journey and impact here!

Ecoshred bed gives you everything you need if you care for your horse or pony, our planet and local communities working together!

For your horse or pony, you have the most comfortably, warm, absorbent and very funky bed that is easy to maintain and dispose of. Let’s face it, who wants to spend endless hours cleaning out, when we can keep them dry and comfortable without all the fuss and get on with the jobs we enjoy.

Not only does your pet have a warm dry fuzzy feeling, so will you, because each purchase of Ecoshred Bed affords more opportunities to persons with a disability or life long social need. They just love working at Behind The Stable Door making Ecoshred Bed specially for you. Watch how they do this in the video on our about us page and see how you are helping them!

Finally, we would like to give you an earthly hug for helping reduce CO2 emissions massively by purchasing Ecoshred Bed. Repurposing material that goes to waste is the way forward to helping with climate change We cannot afford to see this wonderful, uncontaminated material not being reused, and because of your support for Ecoshred Bed now we don’t have to.

Bring it all together, and we hope you feel Ecoshred Bed is the right choice for you and your Pet. We appreciate the support and hope you will share your Ecoshred Bed story with us here or on our social media pages!


Preparation and Usage:

How to help your pet adjust to EcoShred Bed Bedding?

With new bedding it is important to give your pet time to adjust to the new bedding. Your pet will adjust quicker if you mix this bedding with existing pet bedding for 1-2 weeks. Slowly remove previous pet bedding and replace with Ecoshred Bed when cleaning the cage.

Package Type:

Bag – Biodegradable plastic potato starch for the compost bin along with used bedding.

Additives Information:

No added additives

Full Product Name:

100% sustainable environmentally friendly made from unused egg cartons


Please ensure the product is stored in a cool dry place.

Safety Warning:

Keep bag away from children, infants and pets. Do not eat or inhale the product.


Made in UK, Northern Ireland


“Ecoshred Bed is clean, comfortable and colourful! Not only are our rabbits warm and safe we have found echoshred bedding to be amazing quality at an affordable price.”Kelly  Sharp – Bangor. June 22
“When we found out about the social farm and the chance to purchase animal bedding for our hamsters we couldn’t wait to get involved. Comfortably bedding our animals while contributing to a social and environmental project is the way to go.”  Lauren Craig. Groomsport. June 22
“Great Quality, Affordable Animal Bedding. The team behind Ecoshred Bed are efficient and couldn’t be more helpful.” Mike Palmer – June 22


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